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* and now focus on availability at a few Costa Brava properties during July & August, 2014.
* the availability dates were updated on Wednesday, April 16.

Can Tapies baronial mansion, available 30/6 - 18/7 & 25/7 - 1/8 & after 4/9
- 1100m2 house on 15 hectare property, sleeps 25+ in 12 large bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms + 3 wcs
- now 10% off - €4620/week. -5% discount for 2 week bookings.

- click on the week you wish to book here below.

Casadevall villa, available up to 12/7 & after 23/8

- 350m2 house on 11 hectare fenced property of tall pines, 12 or so guests in 6 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms.
- €2620/week, all included. -5% for 2 weeks.

Mas Roca villa, available up to 12/7 & after 23/8

- 300m2 house on huge 115 hectare property, 14 guests in 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms.
- €2455/week, all included. -5% discount for 2 week bookings.

El Turo luxury villa, available 25/7-1/8 & 15-22/8 & 29/8-13/9

- 700m2 house on 10 hectaire property. 27 or so guests in 10 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms + 2 WCs.
- from €7360/week for the entire property in exclusivity, all included.

* ... and now some excellent properties with with availability in Central Catalonia, one hour due north of Barcelona

Ref. CC 200 - El Cosme

- in our website since 2005, up to 19 guests, 8 rooms, 8 baths.  Wow!  I know this is just the sort of villa many of you are looking for. Whereas so many of these huge houses have lots of rooms but relatively few bathrooms, this house has 8 bedrooms, each and every one with a private bathroom. El Cosme is a large farmhouse (330m2), originally dating from the 18thC, restored in 2004 with rentals in mind, and sits on a huge property (150 hectaires) in an idyllic spot with majestic views of 4 different pre-Pyrenees mountain ranges, a fenced 9 x 4.5 meter swimming pool, and nice outdoor covered BBQ dining area, seating for all & a second refrigerator.  I know this one is going to be much in demand!  Free wifi internet.

Friday to Friday rentals in high-season. Rates for up to 16 guests*: low: €1900/week, 28/4-7/7: €2440/week, 7-21/7: €2760/week, 21/7-18/8: €3115/week, 18/8-1/9: €2760/week, 1/0-31/12: €1900/wk. A supplement of *70 to 100 Euros weekly for additional guests depending on season. Weekend rates: €1150 + €350 extra night.

2014: booked/réservé/belegt: 4-18/7 & 1-22/8

Ref. CC 500 - Can Cabanas

- in our website since 2003, up to 18 guests, 7 rooms, 8 baths, although named "the cabin", this very attractive restored 18thC farmhouse is enormous and quite luxurious, all rooms with private bathroom, several large living rooms, a well-equipped kitchen, the poolside covered BBQ area, and now with a huge banquet & play room of over 120m2. The fenced-in 9x4.5 meter swimming pool is icing on the cake. Located just outside (a few hundred meters) of Casserres town, this is one of the few villas in the area where you can walk to shops/restaurants/cafés. While still in a country setting, nothing like brisk walk early in the morning to get warm bread and croissants for breakfast!  Excellent feedback. Recommended!  Free wifi internet.

Friday to Friday rentals in high-season. Rates based on 15px*: low-saison, weekday to weekday: €1870, low-season taking up 2 weekends: €2175, 27/6-18/7: €2300/week, 18/7-22/8: €2645/week. *3 extra beds, €90/wk each. Weekend: €1100 + €275 extra night

2014: booked/réservé/belegt: 20-27/6 & 8-29/8

Ref. CC 600 - Peus Curts

- in our listings since 2003, 15+ guests in 7 bedrooms &  3 bathrooms, on an hilltop with spectacular panoramic views of the impressive Berguedá mountain range, this spacious house offers a new 8x4m fenced-in swimming pool along with a nice outdoor covered BBQ and dinning area with ping-pong and babyfoot. The house has 6 double rooms and a triple room and some extra beds, two livingrooms, 2 TVs, 2 refridgerators as well as the usually washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, etc.  An attractive place, with plenty of play room under 100 year-old oak trees and great walks from your front door, including to the town of Gironella, one of my favorite market towns in the region.  Now with wifi internet!

Friday to Friday rentals in high-season. Rates based on 15 guests*: low:€1600/week, 25/4-4/7 & 29/8-31/12: €2025/week, 4-18/7 & 15-29/8: €2485/week, 18/7-15/8: €2735/week. Weekends: €1000 + €275 extra night. * Supplement of €70 to €90 per week for additional guests.

2014: booked/réservé/belegt: 1-8/8

... and now some photos of this gorgeous corner of the Mediterranean ...

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